Our Story

We experienced the worst thing parents ever have to go through when we buried our 9 month old son. The experience was tremendously devastating; a haunting time that I will never forget, but the burden was shared when our incredible community came together on our behalf to pay for Jacob’s funeral expenses and help guide us through the decisions of that time. In the hours and days after your child dies, you are required to make an insurmountable number of decisions. At the moment when your grief is the most overwhelming, you’re supposed to keep moving. Dave and I could not have done so without each other nor without the help from our family, friends and community members. We want to pay this kindness forward to other families who have experienced their own child loss and become part of their community and their support. Therefore, we have partnered with the Riley Foundation out of Indianapolis to help pay for funeral and memorial expenses for Riley families who have lost a child. We appreciate your willingness to support this mission with us and to provide support for these families in a time when they need it the most.

God Bless and Thank you.

If you have much, give your wealth; if you have little, give your heart.

– Just as Jacob William Sharpe did; Heart organ donor: June 4, 2018 < 3


heart sunset

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